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A Mess of Them



6 responses

  1. totally cool! based on your title, i was expecting fowl! 🙂

    2013/04/12 at 11:21

    • T, thanks! That’s just what it looked like to me!

      2013/04/12 at 12:00

  2. I have become very fond on your subject matter and your techniques. This photo hits the same high bar.

    2013/04/12 at 23:45

    • Charlie, thanks so much! I am most appreciative of your comments!

      2013/04/12 at 23:48

  3. Mooring and leaving in that harbour without knocking anyone else’s paintwork must be tricky!

    2013/04/13 at 03:49

    • Adele, I agree! I shot it with my zoom lens, so it may appear a bit tighter than it actually is!

      2013/04/13 at 10:35

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