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Pretty faces



8 responses

  1. TexWisGirl

    beautiful ‘sunshine’ flowers.

    2013/04/02 at 12:02

    • T, thank you! I really like them! Their among the first colours of spring!

      2013/04/02 at 12:11

  2. Pat

    I love daffodils!

    2013/04/02 at 14:55

    • Pat, yeah, me too. A whole bunch!

      2013/04/02 at 18:54

  3. Such a joyful image, great use of color.

    2013/04/02 at 16:12

    • Charlie, I wait all winter for Spring’s inspiration!

      2013/04/02 at 18:53

  4. ah daffs .. a sure sign spring is on its way .. tho it seems to be taking a detour here in the NE

    2013/04/03 at 07:37

    • Daryl, my favourite sign! We are in full spring now. I had to cut the grass, so that makes it official!

      2013/04/03 at 10:10

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