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Signs of Spring

Soon to be covered in green!

Soon to be covered in green!

7 responses

  1. TexWisGirl

    very cool find.

    2013/03/02 at 12:45

    • T, one would think it would be a good one for restoring. Doesn’t look all that bad!

      2013/03/02 at 15:05

  2. Pat

    Great! I love old trucks.

    2013/03/02 at 16:33

    • Pat, I’m not sure why we are attracted to them!

      2013/03/02 at 16:55

  3. Looks like nature reclaiming this particular truck!

    2013/03/03 at 02:22

    • Adle, everything goes back, doesn’t it!

      2013/03/03 at 10:42

  4. This is actually a pretty vehicle. I’d drive it. If I could dig it out first!

    2013/07/08 at 00:22

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