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Better Days


10 responses

  1. TexWisGirl

    aww. beautiful old classic!

    2013/02/26 at 12:32

    • T, there was another truck next to it! I’ll maybe post that one later on!

      2013/02/26 at 14:12

  2. Vicki

    poor sad old truck, I am sure it has stories it could tell.. did you ever hear the story of Susie the Little Blue Coupe? (I am really dating myself)

    2013/02/26 at 15:01

    • Vicki, I’m not familiar with that story. I’ll have to look it up. I’m always wondering about things like that!

      2013/02/26 at 15:15

      • Vicki

        here is a link to the youtube of it.. made in 1952, its a very cute story.

        2013/02/26 at 16:09

      • Vicki, thanks! Too cute! Maybe someday, someone will rescue this old ford!

        2013/02/26 at 16:20

  3. what an interesting planter … 😉

    2013/02/27 at 06:48

  4. Pat

    Past its prime, but makes a wonderful photo!

    2013/02/27 at 08:41

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