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In the Nut Grove


6 responses

  1. TexWisGirl

    funky! almost otherworldly effect.

    2013/02/25 at 13:21

    • T, it was a bit surreal standing there!

      2013/02/25 at 14:37

  2. Vicki

    we have a big hazelnut grove like that next to the Island Highway.. it is so neat the rows they are in.. I really like the moss on the trees in your photo and the leaves on the ground.

    2013/02/25 at 14:46

    • Vicki, thanks! I was really taken with the whole scene! It was just down the road a bit from the big cedars, so I was a bit agog with it all!

      2013/02/25 at 14:49

  3. Pat

    I like the twisted, mossy trunks.

    2013/02/25 at 16:27

    • Patthey were actually quite knarly looking!

      2013/02/25 at 17:39

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