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Mailbox Sentinels

Giant Cedar Trees watch out for a rural mailbox

Giant Cedar Trees watch out for a rural mailbox

8 responses

  1. TexWisGirl

    wow! so impressive!

    2013/02/22 at 12:22

    • T, yeah, I thought so too! I’ve not seen trees this size in this area before! I was blown away!

      2013/02/22 at 17:25

  2. Pat

    Wow! These trees are gorgeous. I love your treatment of this image.

    2013/02/22 at 12:27

    • Pat, thank you! I adjusted the colour a bit, but that was all!

      2013/02/22 at 17:26

  3. Vicki

    that is amazing! too few of these beautiful trees left.. have you ever walked the forest trail at Derby Reach by the campground?

    2013/02/22 at 12:28

    • Vicki, no I haven’t. It’s on my list though! Have only been here for 30 years. Don’t want to rush into things!

      2013/02/22 at 17:27

  4. oh so reminds me of maurice sendak illustration

    2013/02/25 at 06:23

    • Daryl, why thank you! I’d be honoured to be seen in his shadow!

      2013/02/25 at 12:25

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