My world in images



6 responses

  1. TexWisGirl

    wow! that is a mess of ’em! and all pointed in the same direction!

    2012/09/05 at 11:26

    • T, it was great to see them all like that!

      2012/09/05 at 13:26

  2. Pat

    It’s a duck explosion! Is that someone in a boat near the far shore?

    2012/09/05 at 15:37

    • Pat, I don’t think they liked me walking there! No, no boat. It’s a big old log with a duck sitting on it,

      2012/09/05 at 18:10

  3. daryledelstein

    yup, thats a lotta ducks

    2012/09/06 at 08:13

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