My world in images



8 responses

  1. TexWisGirl

    this post appeared in google reader as ‘donkeys’ – apparently ‘asail’ is ‘donkeys’ in some language. 🙂

    2012/09/03 at 12:17

    • T, isn’t that strange! I don’t see ah reference to “donkeys” is any of my searches!

      2012/09/03 at 13:35

  2. Pat

    Lovely layers of shades of blue.

    2012/09/03 at 16:43

    • Thanks, Pat! I love the way the light sparkles on the water!

      2012/09/03 at 17:53

  3. Marilyn

    Very, very nice Robin!!


    2012/09/04 at 04:20

    • Marilyn, thanks!

      2012/09/04 at 04:44

  4. daryledelstein

    i wondered what Asail was .. now i know .. happy tuesday

    2012/09/04 at 06:01

    • Daryl, thanks! Happy Tuesday to you too!

      2012/09/04 at 16:14

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