Down the Hill, Up the Hill

HDR, Landscape, Street


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12 thoughts on “Down the Hill, Up the Hill

    1. T, thanks, it was below zero Celsius and the wind was howling! I was out of the car for about ten seconds! Brrr!

  1. Interesting editing technique, Robin … it has a look of a drawing in pastels and pencil. Your right arm isn’t answering your call very well in this shot.

      1. Ah … sorry. You have a fairly consistent habit of holding the right end of your camera somewhat lower than the left end, causing your verticals to lean left and your horizontals to slope to the left. Most people, oddly, tend to tilt the other way. The effect is the same, but reversed left-to-right.
        Any road, I find the tilting rather disturbing, but I don’t know if other people are as upset by it as I. I do it, too, which is frustrating, but I try to use the little focusing points on my viewscreen to get things as lined up as I can. When I blow it, which is frequent, I resort to Photoshop to fix things.

      2. derwandersmann, ah yes, the old tilt right! Thanks for pointing it out! My new camera even has a built in level. Guess I’ll have to try it out! I had a stroke a couple years back and that left me a bit weak on that side. I’ve been conscious of it, and try to make things straight!

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